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This is the New & Improved Fart Machine, the funniest gag item ever just got better!
This gag item is so funny it has a Warning Label CAUTION 'You Might Die Laughing!'.

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Detailed Description
* Novelty Remote Controlled Fart Machine *

As seen on Howard Stern. You can now FART wherever and whenever you'd like. This is your chance to impress or gross out your friends and family. This is the new and improved fart machine! The fart machine makes 5 new different fart sounds (SOUNDS SO REAL!!). Fart Machine has boom box technology... what is this?? Well let's just say these fart noises can't sound any more real!

It has 2 pieces - the remote transmitter (battery included) and the speaker which requires one 9 volt battery (not included) Remote works through walls and can range up to 50 feet!!!

Use it anywhere... at parties, school, movies, office, in a baby's diaper or in the Thanksgiving Turkey! Hide the sound box, then press the remote control at the appropriate time to "let it rip"! This unit even comes with stick pads to hide the speaker under chairs or tables!! Please be sure to check out our hundreds of other gag gift items!

• As seen on The Howard Stern Show
• You can now FART wherever/whenever you'd like
• Impress or gross out your friends
• The fart machine makes 5 different sounds
• Includes main Speaker Unit (Receiver)
• Includes remote (Transmitter)
• Speaker unit requires 4 AAA batteries (Not Included)

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*Batteries for the remote control and the speakers are Not included.

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